What is Pocketbook?

Pocketbook is a tool that makes managing your money easy... and fun! We're the personal assistant for your money.

Pocketbook automatically pulls information from your bank accounts, credit cards and other financial institutions to give you a single view of your spending. You can also incorporate other data, which are key to your spending – such as invoices, bills and locations. 

Pocketbook takes 60 seconds to sign-on and is ridiculously simple to use. Automatically categorising 80% of your transactions, detecting your future bill commitments and recommending a spending budget, all with very little work.

We've been around the globe with Pocketbook and it is truly world leading. In 2013, CNET called us the "best app of its kind (they) have ever seen" and Apple heavily featured us on their AppStore.

Additionally, we were also a finalist in the global SWIFT Fintech Startup Competition in Dubai (SWIFT are the guys you use when you do bank transfers to overseas relatives, so they know a thing or two about global banking).

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