Setting up with my Bank on the web.

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Pocketbook is made so you can have a single view across all your accounts. As such, Pocketbook allows you to set up as many bank accounts as you'd like.
There are 2 ways in which you can set up your accounts in Pocketbook:
  • Automatic syncing via bank feeds, or
  • Manually loading the OFX or QIF data export. 
Add bank via syncing
1. On the Setup page -, from the left-hand menu, click the Add Bank button. 


2. Select the bank you want to add and click Add. Result: The Add Bank dialog box is displayed.
3.Type in your login details and click Add. Result: Your bank is now added to your Pocketbook account. 
Note: The login fields change depending on the bank you want to add. For example, the login may be called Client Number with some banks, Access Number by other banks.
We are still in progress with adding more banks/financial institutions within Pocketbook. If your bank is not yet listed, let us know at Voting with Facebook likes helps us prioritise which banks gets included first.
Manual Bank Account
If your bank is not currently displayed in the list of banks available for syncing, you can add your bank account manually.
1. On the Setup page  -, from the left-hand menu, click the Add Bank button. Result: A list of banks is displayed. 

2. Select Manual Bank Account and click Add. Result: The Add Manual Account dialogue box is displayed.
3. Type in the bank details such as Name, Balance and Account Type and click Add. Result: You have now added a bank account manually to your Pocketbook account.
Note: As this account has been added manually, it will not automatically sync/refresh. You will have to manually maintain this account, using the Import Transactions method – see the “Import Transactions (OFX, QIF)” link below the “Add Bank” button.
If your bank doesn’t support OFX and QIF, you can create these files using a CSV file and this converter: .


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