How do I add a new bill?

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There are 2 ways you can add bills to the bills page.


Method 1: Discover new bills

Pocketbook can automatically identify certain transactions as common bills, for example, utilities, or credit card repayments.


To discover new bills:


1. Scroll down to bills and income within the overview.


2. The Bills page is displayed.

3. Tap on the [+] button on the top right.


4. From here you can auto-detect or manually add a bill.


Note: Although Pocketbook can identify a lot of regular transactions as bills, it is a good idea to inspect the Bills page on a routine basis. You may manually have to add other bills that have not been picked up.

Method 2: Add bills manually from transactions

You can create bills from your transactions.
To do this:
1. Tap on Spending

2. Tap the transaction you'd like to mark as a bill


3. Click the three dots to reveal a list of options for the transaction.


4. From here you can ‘Create as Bill’ from the transaction or ‘Adding it to existing bill’.



Note: "Ad Hoc" is used for one-off bills you may have.


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