What is Safely Spend?

Safely Spend is the simplest way to budget. It takes the focus off big future goals and puts them on incremental effects on your discretionary spend (your spending outside of bill commitments). 

We want you to be able to quickly answer questions like: 

  1. How much money can I take out from the ATM at the pub on a Friday night? or
  2. Can I afford to splurge on an extra night out this week?

It is essentially a running average of your regular discretionary spend - Meaning anything outside of bills, one off purchases (marked with the oneoffspend tag - ie TV, laptop, holiday) and Transferring Money categorised between your own accounts.

So this includes drinks, dinners, train tickets, groceries, petrol etc. Things that are somewhat more negotiable when it comes to saving.

If you want to budget, keep to your means, or reduce your regular spend to save more - then peg this number back. We'll also send you smart alerts to notify you that you're getting close or going over the amount as the week or month passes. 

You can read more about Safely Spend at https://getpocketbook.com/features/safely-spend


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