Import QIF, OFX or CSV files manually.

Yes. You can import QIF or OFX files manually for your account using the Import Transactions option.

To import transactions manually:

1. You will first need to download or create a CSV/QIF/OFX from your online banking.

2. If you have a CSV file you will need to use an online converter such as:

3. Click 'Open CSV'. Then select the following under 'Mapping fields':

'Date DD/MM/YYYY (QIF/OFX)' - select this for the date field.

'Payee' - select this for the transaction description.

'Amount' - select this for the transaction amount.

Then click 'Save as QIF'

4. Then head to settings here:

5. Click 'Add Bank' and select 'Create manual bank account'.

6. From the left menu, click Import Transactions (QIF, OFX). Result: The Import dialog box is displayed.

  1. Complete the following:
    1. Select Files – Click this option to select the QIF/OFX file you want to upload.
    2. Select account – From the dropdown, select the account for which you are importing transactions.
  2. Click UploadResult: The QIF/OFX file is uploaded and the transactions are automatically allocated to the selected account.



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