Setting up your Safely Spend (mobile only feature).

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Safely Spend is the simplest way to budget and control your spending. It takes the focus off big future goals and puts them on incremental effects on your regular spending.

Safely Spend is the running average of your discretionary spend - Meaning anything outside of bills, one off purchases (marked with the oneoffspend tag - ie TV, laptop, holiday) and Transferring Money categorised between your own accounts

So this includes drinks, dinners, train tickets, groceries, petrol etc. Things that are somewhat more negotiable when it comes to saving.

Our automatic Safely Spend generated is based on your historical spending, but in the future we'll check this against your salary.

So when setting up your Safely Spend for the first time make sure:

  1. You have marked and detected all your bills
  2. You have identified all transfers between your accounts and categorised them as "Transferring Money"
  3. You have identified and tagged all "One Off Spend"s

Finally to set your Safely Spend within your means, use your monthly salary, then minus your monthly bills (you can find this in Pocketbook) - then you'll be left with a monthly Safely Spend number within your means.

If you want then a weekly amount, just multiply by 12 and divide by 52.



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