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Thank you for choosing Pocketbook. We promise that it is the smartest tool for your money you've ever tried.

Pocketbook automatically pulls information from your bank accounts, credit cards and other financial institutions to give you a single view of your spending - we call this "syncing".

It typically takes 60 seconds to sign-on and sync your first bank account. We then automatically categorising 80% of your transactions, detecting your future bill commitments and recommending a spending budget. We're continually adding new features and making Pocketbook better as well. So do tell us what you think.

To get started, we've created this guide for the Pocketbook mobile app to get you up to speed faster. You can also find the guide for the web version of Pocketbook here.

You can read more about Pocketbook here, and feel free to email us any time at hello@getpocketbook.com.


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