Difference between mobile & web.

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Pocketbook mobile is designed for you on the go. 

The user experience is very different to the web version. It is designed to give you just the functionality you will need when you're waiting for your bus, in the pub or just want to have a quick check on the couch.

Key new features in the mobile version:

  1. Cash transactions - manually input your transactions and we'll use the same auto-categorisation technology to organise it for you.
  2. Geo-locate your spending - as you enter in your cash transactions, attach a map, so you know exactly where you spent. Handy for cab fares and coffees around town.
  3. Photos of receipts, and other documents - snap photos of your receipts and attach them directly to the relevant transactions. 
Download it now: https://getpocketbook.com/mobile 


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