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How do I delete a cash transaction?



  • Geoffrey William Basford

    I have started having problems with my manual cash account recently. The deposits have been adding to a bank account instead of my cash account. As a result I cannot delete them as the system thinks they are a bank transaction. I have archived the Cash Account and created a new one but still have the same problem.


  • Geoffrey William Basford

    Please be advised that I am still having issues with my Cash Account (refer Request # 135719).

    I have withdrawn cash from an ATM eg $40 and transferred it as a cash deposit of $40 to my Manual Cash Account. Unfortunately Pocketbook insists it has been deposited into a bank account an as such I cannot change the account to my Manual Cash Account or delete the transaction. As a result I cannot use my Manual Cash Account effectively in Pocketbook. I generally use the web version for my convenience. The transaction can be deleted in the mobile version which removes it from the web as well. However when I try again the same problem occurs. The problem started last month but I have been using Pocketbook successfully for two years until this problem has arisen. Hoping you can assist. regards Geoff 


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