How do I categorise transactions?

This is an answer for the Pocketbook web version. Switch to the mobile app answer.


To categorise these transactions:


1. Click Transactions in the upper menu


2. Tap on any transaction.



3. Select ‘Choose category’ on the right in the box.

From the transaction categories dropdown, select the category that best matches the transaction:

a. If you want to change the category for the current transaction only, check the Apply only to this transaction box and click Save Changes.

b. If you want to change the category for all such transactions, click Save Changes.

c. For multiple uncategorised transactions, from the left hand menu, under Transactions, click Uncategorised. Result: All the transactions without a category assigned to it, are displayed.


4. To create a new category, tap “Create New Category” on the right in the box.


Note: Our categorisation technology learns over time, once you’ve categorised something as a category, all your future purchases with the same description will be automatically categorised as that. This means, you only need to categorise transactions with a similar description once only.



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