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How does Pocketbook bills work?



  • Mark Kelly

    I like the idea of it being able to to group bills in my transaction history, although one thing that I'd like to see is the ability to manually add transactions to a bill. I'm guessing it would then probably take an average over the values to get a predicted monthly bill value, or manually set an expected value.
    The reason for this is; if the description or value of a past transaction changes and is different to the previous transaction categorised as a bill, it doesn't seem to be able to be categorised as the same bill.

  • Mark Kelly

    I have been thinking about this further: the ability to add a bill manually, maybe even entering an expected price range would be very beneficial.

    (As far as I can tell you can only add bills from an automatically shortened list - I'm guessing this short list is made from selecting transactions that have the same value, description and have occurred more than once)

    This would mean users don't have to wait for the bill to be paid more than once to be added as a bill, as thus be able to be used in the "safely spend" formula before the fact.


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