How do I edit my categories list?

You're in the guide for the Pocketbook mobile app. The answer requires access to the web version.


You can edit your created categories via the Category Setup page only on the web version of Pocketbook at This allows you to rename, delete and move your categories.

Note: We have not yet implemented this for default categories. This only applies to your created categories.


To edit your categories.


  1. Go to the Setting page.





  1. In the left-hand menu bar, select “Category Settings”. (This takes you to the Category Setting page)





  1. Find your created categories under the heading User Categories.



  1. Note the three buttons on the right-hand side of each category name.



 The Pen Icon allows you to rename the category


 The Trash Can Icon allows you to delete the category. The transactions will then be Uncategorised


 The Arrows Icon allows you to move the category to another category, reassigning it.


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