How do I adjust my Safely Spend?

This is an answer for the Pocketbook mobile app. Switch to the web version answer.


To adjust your safely spend:


1. Tap on the Safely Spend number in “Overview”.



2. The Safely Spending setup process will begin, select Setup


3. The Safely Spending setup process will begin.



4. If you'd like to adjust your planning duration, swipe left/right to change between 'fortnightly', 'weekly' or 'monthly' button.



5. Ensure you have already set up your income and bills.


6. The final step is to pick the % of income you'd like to save. You will see a bar where you can drag to pick out the right percentage to manage towards.



7. Alternatively, you can tap the number and manually enter the right amount. Result: Savings will be confirmed and your Safely Spend number will be set.



Note: The automatic Safely Spend generated is based on Safely Spend = Salary - Bills - Savings

See here.


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