How do I adjust my Safely Spend?

This is an answer for the Pocketbook mobile app. Switch to the web version answer.


To adjust your safely spend:


1. Click 'Safely Spend' on the bottom bar.



2. Then click on 'edit' on the top right and select the cycle frequency and starting date.

3. The Safely Spending setup process will begin. You can decide/edit whether you want to include bills.


4. Set up or change your income amount.


 5.  Set up/customize your safely spend amount.


6. Check your level of savings according to what you have set up so far.



7.  Choose (if you want to budget by category) or edit the existing by clicking on 'Choose categories'. If you click on the blue 'Do this later' button, the safely spend set up is done.



**This is the screen you would get if you already have budgeted by category.



8.  If you selected the 'Choose category' the following screen will appear.



9. Select a category or a sub-category you want to start budgeting by.

10. Select an amount you want to spend on that category.



11. The following screen will appear. You can either add another category budget if you wish or click on Done to complete your safely spend set up.

12. Complete!




Note: The automatic Safely Spend generated is based on Safely Spend = Salary - Bills - Savings

See here.


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